Who is boombl4 drug Wife? Check Leaked Viral Video On Twitter and Reddit


boombl4 drug video

Numerous viral scandals are making regular appearances on social networking sites. These footages are hot topics, especially for people who regularly scroll their daily feeds. These clips are not always acceptable. Sometimes, however, they can become controversial. Something similar is again hitting the headlines while fetching the huge reactions, since former NAVI captain Krill “Bombl4” came into the limelight. You can find all the details below, as well as some unknown facts.

boombl4 drug video

According to reports or sources, there has been hardly any time since the issue was raised on social media. However, almost all searches for the correct keyword are successful because nearly everyone is paying attention and trying to find out the important pieces that users didn’t know. Because social media is a place where people are in the news, everyone wants to know all the important information. Because it has agonistic content that is talking out about everything.


Reportedly, the former NAVI captain Kirill alias “Boombl4” Mikhailov is blamed for drug use by his spouse Rika “LiQueen” Mikhailova, and recently dropped a few photos and videos on social media while sharing the caption that he is being blackmailed by a few. Rika made the accusations via Telegram, where she appears while taking in white powder. Rika also claimed that he had cheated upon her after making her addicted to the drug. It is because of this, everyone is starting to notice the huge reactions.

Bombe4 also addressed allegations via Telegram, where he offered his apology to his followers for all the content posted on the internet. Even he mentioned that “he is ashamed of all this” but in spite of all this, he is receiving an immense backlashing from the side of users and his followers. We are not amused by the fact that their favorite person could do this. Stay tuned to find out more.

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