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Vacuum Bomb in English: What is Vacuum Bomb? Ukraine claims – Russia is using, this superweapon tears the lungs

Ukraine accuses Russian military of using vacuum bombs. This bomb is so dangerous that there is an international ban on its use. The US and Russia developed the vacuum bomb in the 1960s. This bomb has the power to turn cities into rubble. It also has the ability to vaporize humans.

Moscow: Ukraine has accused Russia of using banned clusters and vacuum bombs. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky himself has claimed that Vladimir Putin is committing a war crime by using these weapons. Zelensky said that the Russian military had fired missiles (Russian Missile Attacks in Ukraine) in Kharkiv’s city center area. It is being told that many civilians have died in these attacks. Even a few days ago, these banned weapons of the Russian army were seen going towards Ukraine. In such a situation, the question arises that what is a vacuum bomb. How do they work and what happens to the people affected by it.

The most dangerous weapon after the atomic bomb
Vacuum bombs are also called thermobaric weapons. It is one of the most powerful non-nuclear weapons ever developed. This is the reason why this weapon is banned under the Geneva Conventions. Vacuum bombs are high-powered explosive weapons, which use the atmosphere to increase their firepower manifold. After the vacuum bomb explodes, it tears the internal organs of the people around. It also has the potential to turn cities into rubble. This is the reason why heavy destruction occurs after its use.

Ukrainian ambassador said – Russia is using vacuum bomb
So far there is no official confirmation that Russia has used thermobaric weapons in Ukraine. But, a few days back, the TOS-1 rocket launcher was spotted near Belgorod heading towards Ukraine. In Russian, TOS means to throw high flames. The TOS-1 Buratino is a Fuel Air Explosive Attack Rocket Launcher. Western countries have also expressed fears that Russia is now deploying dangerous weapons to occupy Ukraine. Ukraine’s ambassador to the US has accused the Russian military of using banned thermobaric bombs in Kyiv overnight.

America and Russia developed in 1960
Thermobaric weapons were developed in the 1960s by both the US and the Soviet Union. In September 2007, Russia detonated the largest thermobaric weapon ever used, releasing the equivalent of 39.9 tons of energy. Both countries have developed several versions of such bombs, but they have neither sold it to any other country nor used it publicly due to international sanctions. Each unit of US thermobaric weapons is estimated to be worth more than $16 million.

How does a vacuum bomb work?
The vacuum bomb or thermobaric weapon used the surrounding oxygen to create a high amount of temperature. They deliver very powerful explosions as compared to conventional weapons. This creates such a strong wave of explosion that the human body immediately turns into steam. Vacuum bombs cause more destruction than conventional weapons due to the use of surrounding oxygen. These weapons first release sprays into the air, which contain very fine particles of metal, flammable dust or chemical droplets.

Vacuum bombs make people steam
According to the Journal of Military and Veterans Health, these sprays are spread around in the atmosphere. Especially easily penetrate into urban areas and inside enemy bunkers. Then the ignition source in the bomb generates fire, which very rapidly spreads over the entire area, creating a tremendous vacuum. Due to this the force of the explosion is so much that even the roofs of the houses fly away. The bunkers are ruined and the bodies of the people in it are blown to pieces. The person nearby turns into steam immediately. It has such an effect on distant people that blood starts flowing in the internal organs.

Russia’s TOS-1 Buratino can fire 30 rockets in 15 seconds
The TOS-1 Buratino is a Soviet-era multiple rocket launcher. This weapon has been deployed in the Russian army since 1988. This weapon is used by the army of Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Algeria, Syria and Iraq. This rocket launcher has demonstrated its might in Soviet Afghan War, Nagorno Karabakh War, Second Chechen War, Iraq War (2013-2017), Syrian Civil War, Donbas War, Nagorno Karabakh War of 2020. This weapon was created by the Soviet-era arms manufacturer Omsk Transmash Design Bureau in 1988. The weapon weighs 43 tons, measures 9.5 meters in length, 3.6 meters in width and 2.22 meters in height. It requires three crew to operate. It uses a 220 mm caliber rocket. This rocket launcher can fire 30 rounds of rocket in 15 seconds. Its effective firing range is believed to be 500 to 3500 meters.

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