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Urfi Javed BRUTALLY TROLLED again for wearing two trousers simultaneously; netizens say; ‘Buy one get one free

Urfi Javed wears two pairs of trousers simultaneously and once again gets trolled for her bizarre fashion statement.

Urfi Javed does it once again. Urfi who is known for her bizarre fashion statements was once again seen spotted in the city and this time she got brutally for wearing two pants simultaneously the netizens cannot get enough of her in this fashion game and have been taking a massive dig at him. One user trolled her by saying, ” Yeh kya hai yr fashion ki maa behan Ek kardi”. While another user wrote, ” Abe koi isko jutti sunghao host ma lao”. One more user commented, ” Kuch bhi …matlab kuch bhi . Zyaada kapdey pehney ke chakkar mein …pant ke upar pant pehen li .” Whiel majority of the users trolled her asking if she got it to buy one get one free.

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