Tega Diligence share listing moment. Experts prognosticate‘ cushion’debut

Tega Industries share listing today. Experts predict ‘bumper’ debut

Tega Industries share listing today. Experts predict ‘bumper’ debut

Tega Diligence IPO table date Shares of Tega Diligence are going to hit Dalal Street moment as it’ll come available for trade on both NSE and BSE from 10 AM moment. According to stock request experts, Tega Diligence shares may have a cushion debut moment and it may list in the range of ₹ 750 to ₹ 800 situations, giving up to 75 per cent listing gain to the allottees.

Speaking on Tega Diligence IPO listing price vaticination; Ravi Singhal, Vice President at GCL Securities said,” Shares of Tega Diligence may have a cushion debut moment at Dalal Street as it’s anticipated to list around ₹ 780 to ₹ 800 situations, delivering listing gain up to 75 per cent to the allottees.”
Tega Diligence IPO on Listing Price; Aparajita Saxena, Research Analyst at Trustline Securities, said, “ Tega DiligenceLtd. has established a track record with assiduity leading position due to good quality of trading with low influence, high liquidity in the book and high perimeters-for its marquee guests. Feeding. Strong R&D Capabilities Low Current Application and Solid Financial Performance. With reasonable valuations and positive sentiments girding this IPO, the table price could be around Including table benefit in 753 300 per share.”
Tega Diligence IPO GMP

As per request spectators, Tega Indsutries IPO GMP is moment 310, which is 10 further than history’s argentine request decoration (GMP) 300. Request spectators said that 310 GMP simply means the argentine request is awaiting Tega Diligence share price to be around the list 763 (453 310), nearly 70 percent above its price band from 443 453 per equity share.

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