Shahrukh Khan’s onscreen daughter showed her beauty on camera, crossed all the limits of boldness

New Delhi Bold filmland of actress Sana Saeed, who plays Shah Rukh Khan’s son in Karan Johar’s film’Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’, are setting social media on fire. Sana Saeed played the part of Anjali in the film, which got a lot of love from the suckers. Sana Saeed, who played the character of Anjali in the film, has come relatively big now. Sana has come so bold now that indeed the suckers can not believe that she’s the same little Anjali after seeing her filmland. Check out the bold look of Sana Saeed, who plays King Khan’s onscreen son.
Sana Khan is now 33 times old. She frequently keeps posting her bold filmland on social media. See the picture of Sana wearing this bikini.

Check out this picture of Sana Saeed, who plays Anjali in’Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’. Sana is seen wearing a bralette in the picture, in which the actress’s style is killer.

Piecemeal from some flicks, Sana was also seen in reality shows but she couldn’t produce any magic other than boldness.

Sana remains in spotlight because of her filmland on social media more than her crusade.
Sana occasionally increases the twinkle of people by participating a picture in a bikini and occasionally by giving bold acts.

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