Shah Rukh Khan sports Pathan look in new announcement. Toofan aagaya, says Twitter.

Shah Rukh Khan sports Pathan look in new announcement. Toofan aagaya, says Twitter.

Shah Rukh Khan participated his new announcement on Twitter and suckers ca n’t keep calm. The megastar can be seen sporting his Pathan look in it. Well, no bone can match SRK’s charm and loot.

Can anyone match Shah Rukh Khan’s style?

Shah Rukh Khan has formerly again transferred Twitter into a meltdown with his style and swagger in a new announcement. In it, the megastar can be seen sporting a rugged look from his forthcoming actioner, Pathan. Commonly, suckers hailed King Khan’s return to screen and declared, “ Toofan has arrived.”

Lately, a addict- edited print of Shah Rukh Khan sporting a swab-and-pepper look went viral on the Internet. Surely, we love any and every update of King Khan. Now, he has featured in an announcement where he can be seen performing numbers on a train. Is there anything Shah Rukh Khan ca n’t do? Well, suckers loved him doing action in his Pathan look in the announcement.

SRK shared the ad on his official Twitter handle.

The ad is now trending on Twitter. While some fans hailed SRK as ‘toofan’, others demanded Pathan’s release soon.

Here are some tweets about SRK’s new ad:

Here’s a behind-the-scenes photo from the sets of Shah Rukh Khan’s ad shoot:

A Yash Raj product, Shah Rukh Khan’s forthcoming film Pathan also stars Deepika Padukone and John Abraham in vital places. Speaking about reuniting with SRK formerly again, Deepika,”We just have one schedule left, but working with him is always great. I feel at home, I feel safe, I feel secure that he is just the person he is. Indeed Siddarth Anand (Pathan’s director), for that matter, I have worked with him ahead and I suppose he has evolved so much as a director since I worked with him 10 times agone. So, yes, I suppose that working with SRK is commodity I look forward to. He’s my safe place.”

SRK has been down from the big screen for four times. We ca n’t stay for Pathan’s release.

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