Real Madrid 2-0 Atlético Madrid: Player Ratings

Player Ratings: Real Madrid 2 – 0 Atletico Madrid; 2021 La Liga

Real Madrid 2-0 Atlético Madrid: Player Ratings

Real Madrid 2-0 Atlético Madrid Player Conditions
Starting XI
Another frustrating night for Oblak in net. The keeper made no serious blunders, but he conceded doubly. The first came from an unmarked Karim Benzema’s 16th- nanosecond blitz, and the alternate came in the 57th nanosecond from Marco Asensio’s left-footed one- touch finish. —4.5

The Belgian had trouble causing problems for the Real Madrid defense and was fairly quiet previous to his negotiation. When he was not tracking back on defense, Carrasco looked to produce space for himself on the hand, but was substantially unprofitable. —4.5

Did well distributing the ball from the reverse, completing 44 of his 45 passes. Shifted too far inward on the Asensio thing, the shot going through Hermoso’s legs and into the reverse of the net. — 4

Had a many good moments where he won the ball back well, but tried to do too important when in possession. He was caught out of position on the counterattack leading to Asensio’s strike. —4.5

Employed his pace at the center back position to come out and press the ball when Real Madrid looked to counter. Latterly in the alternate half, he was more audacious and used his strength to win possession. Luka Jović bullied him in the buildup to the game’s alternate thing. — 5

There was one clear winner in the Madrid derby and it was Real Madrid. Pretensions from Karim Benzema and Marco Asensio doomed the match, but in verity Madrid went through large stretches of the match skimming. At times it felt like a training game with “ Ole’s” raining down from the Bernabeu stands. Luka Modric was at his imperious stylish, Vinicius Junior continues to produce, and Thibaut Courtois proves formerly again that he’s one of the stylish goalkeepers in the world. Full match player conditions below

Luka Jovic — 7 One of the mastermind’s of the alternate thing, bringing down a delicate pass, shielding Kondgobia using his heavyset frame, turning and freeing Vinicius down the left — that type of hold up play and link-up has been a driving force behind Jovic’s recent good performances.

Nacho — N/ A Played at right back for the final 10 twinkles.
Rodrygo — N/ A Played on the left sect, replacing Vinicius Junior, for the final 7 twinkles.

Fede Valverde — N/ A Plugged in on the right sect for Marco Asensio for the last 10 twinkles of the match.

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