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Pushpa Movie 2021 Review

Movie Review

Cast: Allu Arjun, Rashmika Mandana, Sunil, Anasuya, Dhananjay, Rao Ramesh, Ajay Ghosh, Ajay, Fahad Fazil, Shatru
Director: Sukumar
Movie Style: Action, Adventure, Crime
Duration: 2 Hrs 59 Min

One calculation till the movie ‘Rangasthalam’ .. then one calculation .. this is the opinion of the average viewer on Sukumar. Before ‘Rangasthalam’, Sukumar used to appear in films. If you want to understand the film while solving his calculations, you must not watch it again. But, with ‘Rangasthalam’, Sukumar tells a rural, beautiful story in a way that is easily understood by the Telugu audience. Immediately after the announcement of his film ‘Pushpa’ with such an atmosphere, the expectations increased at once. With the red sandalwood smuggling backdrop, the audience came to a conclusion that he was going to show another new story and that the toy was sure to disappear. Did Mari Sukku live up to those expectations? Let’s see.
‘Pushpa – The Rise’ .. The storyline is in the title itself. The Rise .. growth, floral growth. Pushparaju hired by Kondareddy (Ajay Ghosh) to smuggle red sandalwood. The movie is about how Mangalam kicked Sreenu (Sunil) who was hindering him in this growth .. how he got his favorite Srivalli (Rashmika Mandana).

A man who faced hardships, insults and insults as a child .. We have seen many stories so far that he used them as a stepping stone to his success and grew up as a king. The ‘flower’ story is almost the same. If not, it has Chittoor accent and Sukumar has the smell of Seshachalam clay. An attempt was made to convey a completely new experience to the Telugu audience. Sukumar is 100 per cent successful in adapting each character to the story, from the hero to the villain to the minor character. However, Sukku was not entirely successful in telling the well-known story impressively. Especially when the second half was stretched and done without thrill. Most importantly the pre-climax, climax scenes were boring.

‘This is my leg .. This is my kale .. If I sit on my leg, your owner will be in pain,’ said Sukumar. However, the scenes that followed in the second half were not as interesting. The narrative lends itself to the viewer’s imagination. Pushparaj’s attempts to take over the red sandalwood smuggling syndicate could not be shown as interesting. If not, the scene where Kondareddy’s younger brother Jalireddy breaks the kids .. The scene where Mangalam Srinu bombs Bammardi gives a kick in the second half. But, the rest of the scenes just come and go before the eyes. The character of Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat (Fahad Fazil) who was introduced in the pre-climax also did not show much impact. Maybe in Part 2 Shekhawat will show the universe.
The entire movie ran on Allu Arjun’s shoulders. Bunny lived in the role of flower. Especially the dialogue delivery is awesome. Earlier some heroes spoke in Chittoor dialect but .. Bunny presented the flavor in that dialect perfectly. Now Bunny has something new to say about acting. Rashmi Mandana looked beautiful in the role of Srivalli. Impressed with the rustic look of a village girl. But, her character does not have much weight in the story. You need a heroine to like a hero .. she’s all Srivalli. There is space in the story for the characters of Kondareddy (Ajay Ghosh), Mangalam Sreenu (Sunil), Jali Reddy (Dhananjay), Puspa Snehitudi (Jagadish Bhandari).

Ajay Ghosh has always done full justice to his role. The new Sunil in the role of Mangalam Srinu was introduced to the audience. In this movie, Sunil not only changes his accent but also changes his look. The old Sunil was definitely made to forget. Kannada actor Dhananjay also impressed in the role of Jalireddy. Jagadish Bhandari hooked up in the role of Pushparaju’s friend. The movie starts with his voice .. the whole story runs. Jagdish appeared in every scene where the flower appeared. The enemy made a new appearance in the role of DSP. The envious character is useless. There is no big difference between the character seen in the trailer and the envy seen in the movie. Also, the role of Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat played by Malayalam actor Fahad Fazil, who brought immense hype, was also revealed. Maybe we should see if these two characters do wonders in Part 2.
Technically the film is on another level. Which seto .. which real location Sukumar has deceived beyond recognition. Production designers Ramakrishna and Maunika can give 100 marks in this regard. The Miroslav Kuba Brozzek cinematography is another strength of the film. His camera work is evident in every scene. It is certain that his status in Tollywood will increase further with this film. The songs provided by Devisree Prasad have already reached the masses. However, the background score does not seem to be anything great. A toy with such mass elements will not get a kick if it does not move. Even though the songs provided by Devisree are super hits .. it does not feel so great when you see them on the screen. Sukumar could not do the same in this movie as he did in ‘Rangasthalam’. Finally, a special song ‘Oo Antawa Maava’ sung by Samantha was also released. It would be nice if Sukku could pay more attention to the filming of the songs. The dialogues written by Srikanth Visa in Chittoor dialect brought the original sisal flavor to the film.

Overall, ‘Pushpa – The Rise’ Part 1 did not look good. And we have to see what Part 2 does. At the moment, however, the flower .. has decreased ..!

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