Poonam Pandey Disinfected Nude Success In The Stadium, Now 11 Years Of Meeting Of Them!

Poonam Pandey in Lock Upp: Actress Poonam Pandey, who has a deep connection with controversies, is now in discussion about her 11-year-old controversy. Now he has revealed the reason for giving a strange statement to himself. She will soon be seen in Kangana’s show ‘Lockup’.

New Delhi: In the year 2011, when the eyes of the world were on the Cricket World Cup as to who would win, a model from India had shocked everyone by making a statement. There was a statement that if India won, she would go nude and go to the stadium. Now after 11 years of this, the actress has revealed the reason for her controversial statement. Yes! The most bold and hot actress Poonam Pandey is once again in discussion about her old exploits.

Old secrets revealed in interview
Actually Poonam Pandey is now going to participate in Kangana Ranaut’s show ‘Lockup’ coming on OTT. All the celebrities in this show are such who are famous for controversies, in such a situation, Poonam Pandey has also had an old relationship with controversies. Now during an interview, Poonam has revealed why she had said this at that time. In an interview given to ETimes, he revealed many things related to his life.

Now you will know the real Poonam
On taking entry in this show, Poonam told that now people know her as a celebrity who keeps posting pictures and videos on social media. Poonam said, people know me as an actress who lives in controversies and acts bold. Enough is enough, now people will know the real Poonam Pandey.

Told why this statement was given
Poonam Pandey also told why in 2011 she had given a controversial statement to remove all clothes during the World Cup. He said that I had given that statement for publicity. Because in 2011 I was not a known actress. I was an outsider and a small model. But I wanted a bigger platform which was not available. It is known to all that outsiders do not come in headlines until they say something bold. During that time I was only 18 years old, so I did all this just to get attention. Whatever worked.

separated from husband
Let us tell you that last year Poonam and Sam Bombay’s marriage and then divorce made a lot of headlines. There was also a case of assault between the two, after which the matter reached the police.

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