Movie Review: Jhund Maha Ki…

Amitabh Bachchan starrer ‘Jhund’ will be released on March 4. Amitabh Bachchan’s work in this film is amazing. But if you want to watch the film only for Amitabh, then let us tell you that the other characters of this film are going to surprise you.

Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Vicky Kadian, Ankush, Akash Toshar, Rinku Rajguru, Abhinay Raj Singh, Ganesh Deshmukh
Directed by: Nagraj Popatrao Manjule
Star Rating: 3.5
Where to watch: In theaters
Release date: March 4

New Delhi: After watching the movie, you will also feel that Nagraj Manjule’s ‘Jhund’ movie is actually Mahadev’s procession. Just as it is said about Mahadev’s procession that every section of the society had come, even Naga Sadhus, Malangs, ghosts and ghosts. That is, all those people who were outside the social system. Similarly, Nagraj has made those people heroes, who do not fit in the scale of your hero. Although many movies have been made on settlements like Dharavi, in recent years till ‘Kaala’, ‘Gully Boy’ and ‘Pushpa’, but the actors of this movie don’t become syndicate kings by ripping crores like ‘Pushpa’, don’t they? Like Rajinikanth of ‘Kaala’, he rises up against a big leader and doesn’t put up the face of a superstar like Ranveer Singh like ‘Gully Boy’. Everyone will look as if Shivji had once organized a procession, Amitabh Bachchan mobilizes this ‘swarm’ in this movie and makes a team.

The story is on coach Vijay Barse
The story of this film is also very real, sports coach Vijay Barse, who once appeared in Aamir Khan’s show ‘Satyamev Jayate’, spent time teaching football to the children of slums in Nagpur. Amitabh Bachchan has played his role in ‘Jhund’, named Vijay Borade. Just before retirement, he sees some children playing football with a box in the world covered by a long boundary wall behind his school, before that he always saw them getting drunk, fighting and fighting. That day they come up with an idea and they take a football and reach among them and give them 500 rupees to play among themselves. This goes on for several days, then children get addicted to football and one day this team is selected for the international tournament along with defeating the team of that school.

Many scenes about Dalit society
This idea will make you look like ‘Gully Boy’, it had rappers, it has footballers. To a large extent, the difference is in the treatment, Nagraj has his own style. Dalit activists are constantly praising him in their pages, groups, which also puts pressure on him, so the slogan of ‘Jai Bhim’, celebration of Babasaheb Jayanti and the scene of Amitabh Bachchan praising his picture will show you in this movie. Will see. But also the message that if you make a football team, you will get donations, but if you dance on DJ on the day of Babasaheb Jayanti, you will not get it. There are many more messages, if you do drugs, beat you, then a big opportunity like an international tournament can be lost, stealing goods from a goods train can also lead to loss of life.

Special message given to the society
A big message in this film is for the society, for which Nagraj waits for a long time, in the account of Amitabh Bachchan, the long dialogue comes only in the court scene, at the very end of the film, before that Amitabh’s character talks more with those children. does not. But it tells through the scene of the court that this wall which is in the middle of the society, it should be broken. They do drugs, beatings, stealing etc. because they are illiterate, poor, they do not understand the law and the biggest message which is given from this movie is that if talents are brought from among them, they should be brought in some creative work. If imposed, they can become a part of the society, they can leave all this, but they cannot be left like this. However, the suggestion of the ever Angry Youngman, ‘Get your feet’, doesn’t sound like a good idea.

movie is too long
Nagraj has woven the story as finely as the needles of wool in such a way that the aspirations, problems, thoughts, hobbies, compulsions, dreams and circumstances of the youth of that settlement should all come to the fore. It hurts that the length of the movie is very long, it could have easily been reduced to about 20 minutes. When the climax was possible, it could have been made better, but the ‘reality spirit’ of Nagraj, who has won several National Awards, dominates him. Sometimes Marathi or Bengali characters keep speaking, even their subtitles are not visible on screen. However, the scene of Ankush getting stuck in the metal detector repeatedly at the airport is amazing and the truth too.

can sing songs
Like before, Ajay Atul has tried in music. Aaya Ye Jhund Hai.. Lafda Jhala.. Good songs to hum. Many may like kicking.. and friendship with Badal.. too. But still the thing that came in Jhingaat .., the child was dancing on it, she could not come. Although Nagraj has given a chance to both the stars of his superhit film ‘Sairat’ in this movie too, Akash Toshar and Rinku Rajguru are definitely in the movie, but the truth is that their roles were not worth them. Akash has definitely got more footage in a role like Villain.

Strong Story of Basti
Due to more and more show of reality, scenes like making passport etc., scene of Ankush rubbing his nose on shoes have made the film very big, the advantage may be that there is a chance in National-International Award functions, but There can also be a loss due to such a long movie. Despite this, this movie will be remembered because the speed with which the stories of these settlements are coming out, films are being made keeping Dalit heroes in the center, among them this movie commercial of Nagraj. And art represents both types of cinema, that is its strength and also its drawback, which can have an impact on the collection.

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