Mouni Roy dress up during a road race; Victim of Oops Moment

सड़क पर दौड़ के दौरान सरकी Mouni Roy की ड्रेस; हुईं Oops Moment का शिकार

ऐसा ही कुछ मौनी के साथ हुआ, दरअसल मौनी रॉय कैमरा पर्सन से बचते हुए अपनी कार की और भाग रहीं थी लेकिन वह जैसे ही कार में बैठती हैं वैसे ही उनकी ड्रेस थोड़ी सी सरक जाती है. इस तरह की घटना मौनी के साख पहली बार नहीं हुई है इस से पहले भी वह इस तरह की घटना का शिकार हो चुकी हैं.

Bollywood actress Mouni Roy is notorious on social media for her unique style and dresses. She keeps on interacting with her suckers by participating her filmland on the income day. Lately, a videotape of Mouni Roy is going viral in which she’s seen running on the road. But during this time commodity happed to his credibility that he hadn’t allowed about it.
After wearing the meaning dress, the biggest challenge for the actress is that nothing goes wrong. Commodity analogous happed with Mouni, in fact Mouni Roy was running towards her auto while avoiding the camera person, but as soon as she sits in the auto, her dress moves a little. Such an incident isn’t the first time in Mouni’s character, indeed before this she has been a victim of such an incident.

This videotape is getting veritably viral on social media, let us tell you that this videotape has been participated by Insta runnerBollywoodPap.However, also she started with the small screen, after which she made her Bollywood debut in the time 2004 with the film’ Run’, If we talk about Mouni Roy’s career. 2),’Gold’and’ Made in China’.

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