Mithya Web Series Review: In which mirror did Bhagyashree take the lip, the daughter only sent the topless photo in WhatsApp

The web series ‘Mithya’ starring Huma Qureshi, Avantika Dasani, Parambrata Chatterjee, Rajit Kapoor and Sameer Soni has been released. Read its review before watching.

Star Cast: Huma Qureshi, Avantika Dasani, Parambrata Chatterjee, Rajit Kapoor, Sameer Soni etc.
Director: Rohan Sippy
Star Rating: 3.5
Where to watch: On Zee5

New Delhi: The generation which in childhood or youth must have seen that Bhagyashree of ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’ who became the brand ambassador of Friendship Cap in that era, every youth whose dialogue started saying ‘Dosti mein no sorry no thanks, And whoever gave Salman a kiss, there was a mirror in between, the same generation will see Bhagyashree’s daughter Avantika sending her topless photo in WhatsApp to someone in ZEE5’s web series ‘Mithya’ and demanding a nude photo of a boy in return. Will see

The story will hold till the last
The specialty of this webseries is that you can watch it for the direction of Bhagyashree’s daughter and Rohan Sippy. The special thing is that by covering this movie in only 6 episodes, the pace of the web series was maintained. Only then its suspense remains intact and the grip also remains.

The story is about a girl Riya Rajguru (Anandita) and her professor Juhi (Huma Qureshi), and the tension between them, how a Hindi professor fails a semester by accusing her of plagiarism in her course work. In return, Riya traps her husband and makes the professor fall in the eyes of his wife. Already whose relationship was going bad due to no children.

The story will suddenly change in the murder mystery
Meanwhile, the professor’s husband Neel Adhikari (Parambrata Chatterjee) is murdered, just from here the story turns into a murder mystery that who killed Neil? Riya or his wife Juhi? But truth has many forms, combining them to form a complete truth, in this movie, this dialogue of Hindi professor Juhi’s lawyers has been tried by Rohan Sippy in his direction to maintain suspense.

Rohan Sippy starts each episode with Riya on one side of the jail bars and Juhi on the other side to maintain the suspense and it is not known who is in jail and who is out. Every episode ends with Neil’s corpse and police investigation so that people can stay glued to the screen.

time pass suspense thriller
Although it is being told to be a remake of the English movie ‘Cheat’, yet it is a good time pass suspense thriller, and it is a good thing due to the good screenplay and direction. The attempt is to make the suspense in such a way that even after the movie ends, the revelations continue.

There are not too many side stories in this series, just after the suicide of Riya’s father Sameer Soni’s wife married her sister. But a suspense gives a new twist to this whole story at the end. It is a different matter that like Deepika’s ‘Gehraiyaan’ and Yami Gautam’s ‘A Thursday’, this movie is also based on child hood trauma.

Huma Qureshi laid down her life
Apart from the direction and story, the reason why this series will be a hit is the acting. Bhagyashree’s daughter Avantika has really done wonders, anyway it seems clear that this series has been made for her launch, maximum shades have been put in her character, just like Shahrukh Khan in ‘Baazigar’ The character of the film was strengthened and Anandita also worked no less. Similarly, Huma Qureshi has really put her life in the role of a troubled professor.

Be it Rajit Kapoor, Parambrata Chatterjee or Samir Soni, all are well-tested actors, so they have lived the character honestly as much as possible. Yes Sameer could have used Soni better.

Overall, the way Bhagya Shree came into the limelight from the very first movie, her daughter is also sure to come from the headlines from this web series. All the flaws in this series may be at the production level, but Anandita’s acting and Rohan Sippy’s direction seem to overshadow them all.

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