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Lock Upp Day 46 written updates: Payal Rohatgi, Anjali Arora get physical, latter destroys her properties

A massive brawl took place between Payal Rohatgi and Anjali Arora in the latest episode. Payal also gets into an argument with Munawar and comments on his past.

NEW DELHI: The day starts with massive brawl between Payal Rohatgi and Anjali Arora. Anjali screams at Payal for cooking three meals at one go. She taunts her for being a bad cook and says she doesn’t even know how to boil potatos. Infuriated Payal breaks the customised cup, that was gifted to Anjali by Ankita Lokhande. 

As it was Anjali’s favourite cup she got enraged by it, but this doesn’t stop Payal and she started removing things from Anjali`s trunk. But before she does any other drama, Anjali tore Payal’s favourite yoga mat, destroyed her medicines, moisturiser, branded stuff, her clothes etc.

This fight was never ending, as everyone witnessed a physical tackle between Payal and Anjali, which included pushing and grabbing. Anjali throwed a whole syrup bottle on Payal, after which Payal again pushed Anjali. They had a verbal spat after this. 

Payal says, “She started this by shouting and saying that I don’t cook well, she can’t shout at me!”, to which Munawar replies: “There is no rule as such that you can`t shout at one another, even if someone shouts you will start destroying things?”

By then, Shivam and Zeeshan also started supporting Anjali. However, Azma is seen defending Payal. 

Payal adds: “Why are you crying for a random #Munjali cup? If you are so much concerned about it go and get married after going out.” She pointed towards Munawar and says, “You make for yourself a cup of Rs 5,” to which Munawar replies: “And if you went out purchase branded things.”

Munawar tells Anjali that next time Payal will think twice before damaging anyone’s property. 

Payal says that Munawar and Anjali were crying over a silly cup and adds that they should better tie the knot after the shot. Azma says that Anjali won’t tie the knot as Munawar is already married and his photos were out. 

Payal attacks Munawar saying his bond with Anjali is ‘fake’. She says his past has been revealed as Kangana showed his wife and kids’ photos. Munawar gets furious at Payal and says ‘this is gandagi’. 

Azma and Zeeshan get into an argument. 

Munawar is upset with Payal’s remarks on his past. He and Mandana have a discussion. He says he knows so many things about her past but is not saying anything about it. 

Azma goes on to comment on Zeeshan’s girlfriend and his parents. This enrages Zeeshan and he throws utensils in kitchen.

Anjali gets a task of becoming ‘dhakad spy’ by the jailor. 

Payal steals Anjali’s water flask and throws it in dustbin. Anjali is seen walking with Munawar’s flask. Payal says Anjali will now drink with Munawar’s flask and adds that Munawar’s mouth stinks a lot. 

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