Lesbian girl wanted to have a relationship with priyanka chopra, the actress lied

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New Delhi: Priyanka Chopra remains in the news for some reason or the other. The actress recently became a mother and after becoming a mother, she is giving all her time to her child. Let me tell you, Priyanka Chopra became a mother through surrogacy. People all over the world like Priyanka very much. His fame is increasing day by day. But do you know that once the actress was proposed by a girl.

Priyanka told her experience
Priyanka Chopra, who is often in the media due to her impeccable style and fabulous look, is not only a country girl today but has become a global Bala. Priyanka is known for her impeccable style, whatever the issue, she never shied away from expressing her views. There are such issues on which many people hesitate to speak openly and even more, Priyanka even shares her personal experience on those issues. On many occasions, Priyanka has also proved that no matter what the issue is or whatever the platform, she never shied away from putting her views in public. The same thing happened when she was asked about lesbian girls in an interview, Priyanka answered this question in this way.

Girl had proposed
In response to this question, Priyanka told the person interviewing that once she had received such a proposal from a girl. Although at that time Priyanka even had to tell a fabricated story to escape from this girl, Priyanka told the girl that she was in a relationship and had a boyfriend. Priyanka Chopra told all this on Karan Johar’s show, she said that this incident is of a night club. According to Priyanka, the girl who had proposed to him did not know that the actress was not such a girl and at that time Priyanka did not even understand how to refuse her, from above Priyanka already knew her. .

Priyanka’s work
Priyanka Chopra smiled remembering that moment, she told how Priyanka refused that girl, she told that I told her that I am not like that at all. I have a boyfriend, although I didn’t have a boyfriend during that time. But I prefer boys only. Apart from this, talking about Priyanka’s work, she will soon be seen playing the role of ‘Maa Anand Sheela’ in ‘Amazon Studios’ upcoming film ‘Sheela’. Barry Levinson is going to direct this film of Priyanka. Let us tell you that apart from acting in the film ‘Sheela’, Priyanka is also working to produce it.

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