How Tia Bajpai’s ‘Kahani’ brings together friends and families – Mumbai News

How Tia Bajpai’s ‘Kahani’ brings together friends and families – Mumbai News

Mumbai, Jan 12 (IANS) Singer and TV and film actress Tia Bajpai opened up about the latest track ‘Kahani’ which is from her next project ‘The Secret Dimension’. She said that the song is dedicated to family and friends.

How Tia Bajpai's 'Kahani' brings together friends and families - Mumbai News

Shot in Chandigarh, it is a Punjabi track. The actress said: “Music is a medium often used to unite loved ones, it isn’t supposed to divide us. I have made several attempts with my music to make friends and families come together and enjoy music.”

The song has been composed by Arian Romal and penned by Tia Bajpai.

Talking about the song, Arian said: “Tia came up to me and said that the songs that she is seeing today are very unpredictable and you never know if they are safe to watch with your family or not. Hence, we decided to dedicate the song ‘Kahani’ to the families and the loved ones so they can sit together for once and enjoy music.”

The movie is based on the life of an ambitious girl, who goes to any extent to achieve her dreams but in the process, she realises that there are many aspects of life that need to be explored.

In an interview with IANS, Tia shared about singing all the songs in the movie.

“I am singing all my songs in the film, it’s a musical film. It has 11 songs in it written and performed by me. The music is done by Arian Romal who is based in Europe. It’s difficult to put the music in a genre because it’s a mix of English and Hindi songs. But I can assure you one thing – it’s a complete album and each and every song will be loved by people.”

The film has been shot in 12 countries and has over 21 songs. It is going to be released on OTT in May.

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