Dulquer Salmaan teases a sequel as Kurup debuts on Netflix

Kurup Part 2: ‘Alexander’ starts where ‘Kurup’ left off; The second part of the movie Dulquar

‘ Kurup’, starring Dulquer Salmaan, was one of the flicks that drew people back to the theaters after Kovid’s Second Wave. The film, which came with hugepre-release hype, entered excellent word-of- mouth hype and initials. In the first two weeks, the film grossed Rs 75 crore encyclopedically. Now, a piece of information is coming out that will excite the suckers. That is why Kurup has a alternate part!

Kurup is inspired by real- life felonious Sukumara Kurup, who has been the fugitive of the law for nearly four decades now. In the big- screen adaption of the crime, which has come sort of an civic legend in Kerala, Dulquer plays the felonious architect, who fakes his death to break his fiscal troubles through insurancemoney.
Indianexpress.com’s film critic Manoj Kumar R wrote in his2.5 stars review therefore, “ It’s felonious that the filmmakers have partake away a compelling idea about a larger-than- life wicked phantom in the citation of the movie. Towards the end, Kurup takes the shape of an civic fabulous character. It’s thwarting that the filmmakers failed to honor and explore such a goldmine of material, rather of half-heartedlyre-telling the information about Kurup and his crime that’s readily available to the public.”

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