‘Aftab Used Hot Water To Soften Shraddha’s Body’: What Police Have Found So Far In Delhi Murder Case

Shraddha murder case: Charred her face to hide identity, confesses Aftab

Shraddha and Aftab’s love story

Shraddha and Aftab met in Mumbai while working in a call center. They met through a dating app. They formed a friendship between them and this friendship slowly evolved into love. Shraddha’s family was against their relationship and wanted Shraddha to break up with Aftab. But Shraddha decided to leave her parents and she and Aftab moved to Delhi and started living together. 

After moving to Delhi, the couple started having fights with each other and these fights often went out of control. Shraddha was forcing Aftab to marry her, but Aftab had no plans for marriage. One day the fight went out of hand and Aftab strangled Shraddha. Aftab then cut the dead body into 35 pieces and started throwing these pieces in forest. 

Aftab Ameen Poonawala, the Mumbai based monster who killed his live-in partner Shraddha at their rented Chattarpur residence had planned to kill her about 10 days before May 18 but restrained at the last moment, reports said.

“About 10 days before the gruesome murder, Aftab had made up his mind to kill Shraddha. One night when their fight escalated, he decided to kill her but then stopped as Shraddha turned emotional & started weeping. The emotional moment stopped the dreaded criminal from murdering her,” a leading portal reported quoting Delhi Police source.

The chilling details of gruesome murder continues to shake the city residents. The duo has an intense fight, 10 days before Shraddha’s murder apparently over Aftab’s affair with another woman. He was reportedly cheating on her and this led to fight between the duo.

That day, as Shraddha turned emotional, the gruesome murder got delayed. However, on May 18, he sat on her chest and strangled her to death.


While Police continues to probe what prompted this ghastly murder, it has emerged that he was inspired by American crime show ‘Dexter’ which is a story of a man with homicidal tendencies. He used a cleaver to cut body into pieces, however, the cops are yet to trace the crime weapon.

The killer boyfriend committed the gruesome & ghastly murder on May 18 and also managed to keep it under wraps for more than 6 months. After killing Shraddha, he dismembered her body into 35 pieces, stored it in a 300 litre fridge and disposed off the body parts in middle of night for 18 days.

Aftab -- Delhi murder - Shraddha

The 28-year-old Aftab Ameen & 26-year-old Shraddha met on Bumble App, developed romantic ties and then went on to live-in together first in Mumbai & then in Delhi’s Chhattarpur area. Though, Aftab was a habitual offender and he used to beat & thrash her, the girl chose to stay put in the relationship.

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