11 July Indian Celebrity Birthdays: Famous People Birthdays Indian Celebrity July 11

11 July Indian Celebrity Birthdays – 11 July Indian Celebrity Birthdays – Celebrities refers to the actors, actresses, directors and producers of the Cinema Industry particularly the Indian Cinema Industry. People search for 11 July Indian Celebrity Birthdays. Here is more information given about 11 July Indian Celebrity Birthdays. Get to know about it in the information given below.

Famous Birthdays 11th July

People search for the famous birthdays on the 11th July. Here is more information given about the famous birthdays 11th July. Get to know about famous birthdays 11th July in the information given below without skipping the information given your search. The detailed information given in this website about the famous birthdays of 11th July. There are more famous celebrities whose birthday is on 11th July. Continue reading the given information to know about July 11 famous birthdays in Tamil nadu.

July 11 Famous Birthdays In Tamil Nadu

S.NoBirthday Celebrity NameBirth DateBirthday celebrity Profession
1BalaJuly 11, 1966Indian film director
2MadhanJuly 11, 1947cartoonist
3Sahithya JagannathanJuly 11, 1989sports presenter, VJ, anchor, columnist, model, actress

July 11 Famous Birthdays In India

S.NoBirthday Celebrity NameBirth DateBirthday celebrity Profession
1Jhumpa LahiriJuly 11, 1967Author
2Amitav GhoshJuly 11, 1956Indian writer
3BalaJuly 11, 1966Indian film director
4Kumar GauravJuly 11, 1960Indian actor
5Mani SharmaJuly 11, 1964Indian composer
6Suresh PrabhuJuly 11, 1953Indian politician
7Manav GohilJuly 11, 1974Indian actor
8Tun TunJuly 11, 1923Indian actress
9Baldev SinghJuly 11, 1902Indian politician
10Faraaz KhanJuly 11, 1974Indian actor
11Bandi Sanjay KumarJuly 11, 1971Indian politician
12V. R. NedunchezhiyanJuly 11, 1920Indian politician
13Sunil VaswaniJuly 11, 1963Indian Billionaire
14Bejan DaruwallaJuly 11, 1931Indian astrologer
15C. Sankaran NairJuly 11, 1857Indian politician
16Jewel MaryJuly 11, 1990Indian television anchor
17Deepthi NambiarJuly 11, 1986Indian film actress
18Shafiqur Rahman BarqJuly 11, 1930Indian politician
19S. Y. QuraishiJuly 11, 194717th Chief Election Commissioner
20MadhanJuly 11, 1947cartoonist
21NashadJuly 11, 1923Indian music composer
22C. S. R. AnjaneyuluJuly 11, 1907Indian actor
23Sunil PrabhuJuly 11, 1969Indian politician
24Shivnath SinghJuly 11, 1946Indian distance runner
25Narayan Hari ApteJuly 11, 1889novelist & writer
26Harish KapadiaJuly 11, 1945Indian mountain climber
27Naramalli SivaprasadJuly 11, 1951Indian politician
28Sahithya JagannathanJuly 11, 1989World Miss University winner for India
29Clifford MirandaJuly 11, 1982footballer
30M. P. PrakashJuly 11, 1940Indian politician
31Rajiv SaizalJuly 11, 1971Indian politician
32Baba Kanshi RamJuly 11, 1882Indian poet and activist
33Kalagara Sai Lakshmana RaoJuly 11, 1956Indian politician
34Ali Nawaz Jung BahadurJuly 11, 1877Indian engineer
35Basudeb AchariaJuly 11, 1942Indian politician
36Pashupati Nath SinghJuly 11, 1949Indian politician
37P. RamachandranJuly 11, 1921Indian politician
38Atish Chandra SinhaJuly 11, 1940Indian politician
39Kunti MoktanJuly 11, 1962singer
40Azharuddin MallickJuly 11, 1997football player
41Chandrakant T. PatelJuly 11, 1917Indian scientist
42Syed Shoaib AhmedJuly 11, 1996Indian Football Player
43Mitrasen YadavJuly 11, 1934Indian politician
44Intezar Ahmed AbidiJuly 11, 1976Indian politician
45B. S. A. SwamyJuly 11, 1942Indian politician
46C. S. VenkatacharJuly 11, 1899Indian politician
47Manju NadgodaJuly 11, 1976cricketer
48Ghulam Mohammed KhanJuly 11, 1946Indian equestrian
49Sanju ValaJuly 11, 1960author
50Anand KattiJuly 11, 1972cricketer

11 July Indian Celebrity Birthdays – FAQs

1. Who is referred to as a celebrity?

Celebrities refers to the actors, actresses, directors and producers of the Cinema Industry.

2. List out the July 11 Famous Birthdays In Tamil Nadu?

  • Bala
  • Madhan
  • Sahithya Jagannathan

3. List out the July 11 Famous Birthdays Indian?

  • Jhumpa Lahiri
  • Amitav Ghosh
  • Bala
  • Kumar Gaurav
  • Mani Sharma 
  • Suresh Prabhu
  • Manav Gohil

4. Who is Jhumpa Lahiri?

Nilanjana Sudeshna “Jhumpa” Lahiri is an American author known for her short stories, novels and essays in English, and, more recently, in Italian.

5. Who is Amitav Ghosh?

Amitav Ghosh is an Indian writer, best known for his English language historical fiction.

6. Who is Bala?

Balasubramanian known as Bala is an Indian film director, screenwriter, and producer, working in Tamil cinema.

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